About Us

3000MileMyth.Org is a place where you will find helpful information on diagnostics and repair for your vehicle.

This site exists to provide you the info you need to either fix the problem yourself or arm you with knowledge so you can save money, avoid scams, and confidently articulate the symptoms you are experiencing, no matter where you take your vehicle for professional repairs.

In addition to covering common (and not so common) troubleshooting and repairs, be sure to check our helpful articles on recommended products, diagnostic trouble codes, and various tips on everything automobile-related.

For instance, did you know that Honda recommends changing the oil of a 2006 and 2007 Accord or Civic only once a year?

3000MileMyth.Org urges drivers to do their part to help keep the earth green and recommends that you “Always check your vehicle’s user manual for guidelines on when to change your oil. It will save you money, time and help the environment too. And that’s a change we can all get behind.”

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