Amsoil vs. Redline: Detailed Comparison

Maintaining and repairing your car are essential factors to ensure its excellent performance. Hence, you need a high-quality motor oil for it by finding out which Amsoil vs. Redline offers the best.

Your car provides you comfortable rides, so it deserves optimal and superior protection. But, you have to be careful when selecting the oil type from various brands to ensure its smooth run.

Additionally, you may hear different recommendations for your oil, and that confusingly leads you. Remember to eliminate your choices, choose the engine oil that meets your car’s requirements and needs.

Another thing, your potential oil brand will offer you a vast range of oil type choices. So, you have to know well your car model and the benefits of each product from the brands.

Scientific American said that “ One way to reduce trips to money spent unnecessarily on quick-lube outlets is to switch to synthetic oils.”

Here is a detailed comparison of leading brands to help you search for the best motor oil for your car. Warm-up your engine, and let’s get started!

Amsoil Vs. Redline

Amsoil At Glance

Amsoil provides calibrated oil products to solve the mechanical problems of your engine. This American oil manufacturing company became popular in the industry with its synthetic lubricants.

You may find its headquarters in Wisconsin. Plus, it holds the slogan “The First in Synthetics” as it is the first oil brand that met the American Petroleum Institute Service requirements.

What’s more, they use polyalphaolefin synthetic base oil for their motor oil products. For this reason, you can assure that their products have good fluidity in cold weather with low volatility.

Amsoil’s formulation combines synthetic base oils with additives for better cleaning, protection, and viscosity. Hence, rest assured that you will get the maximum protection and durability from their products.

In addition, they hired professionals who implement innovative chemicals to produce the best lubricants and oils in the market. Also, they have a multi-level approach when it comes to distributing their products in the oil industry.

Amsoil outshined the conventional oil product brands with their superior lubrication features. You may use Amsoil oils to lubricate different engines, gear, transmission, brakes, and other crucial components.


As you purchase Amsoil in your next oil change, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Extend your engine’s lifespan. Amsoil can provide you 75% more wear and tear protection than the other oil brands. This factor can improve the life of your engine components for long smooth rides.
  • Superior cleaning power. Amsoil’s products can assure you to avoid debris and dirt build-ups in your engine. They promise you a five times better cleaning than the conventional oil can offer.
  • Quick engine-start in cold temperatures. You may start your engine in cold conditions for 36% better than the other products. With their additives and professional manufacturers, you can expect a good fluidity.
  • Longer oil change intervals. Amsoil oil products come with a great lifespan. For this reason, you don’t have to get an oil change every month.


Even though Amsoil has excellent and promising products, you may still encounter these things:

  • As Amsoil maintains their high-quality products, they invest a huge amount for their materials and equipment. So, expect that they are a little bit more expensive than others.
  • Poor fire resistance. Amsoil oil products can cause a burn down for cars with leakage issues.
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Redline At Glance

Redline Synthetic Oil Corporation manufactures more than 100 high-end oil products. This California-based company made a name by its cooling additives for auto, motorcycles, marine, and industrial stores.

Additionally, most racing car drivers prefer this brand for better protection. So, expect that it can improve the performance while maintaining the cars with extreme driving conditions.

What’s more, Redline uses Ester base oil for their products which removes Polyalphaolefins’ negative effects. For this reason, expect that their products have improved wear protection due to their low-level friction.

To ensure that their products are of good quality, their facilities have a strict practical process. Plus, they used engineered additives to manufacture an advanced synthetic oil product.

In addition, they also offer high-performing oils for both motor and gear oils. So, expect their products with extreme strength, stable viscosity even under hot weather conditions.

Redline distributes their oil products in over 100 countries worldwide. These products also provide better lubrication for the engine, brake, transmission, and other car components.

For their 38 years of service in the industry, they provided innovative answers to different automobile problems. Now, they are kept on developing their products to find the best oil for various modern car models.


As one of the leading brands, expect the following advantages from Reline products:

  • Extreme oxidation resistance. You will improve the fuel economy of your engine with the high oxidation resistance of Redline products. The reason for it is the enhanced lubrication of their product, even in hot components.
  • Excellent detergents. Redline products can reduce the friction in your engine with their high detergency. For this reason, it can protect your car from wear even with extreme operating conditions.
  • Advanced Full Ester Synthetic Formula. Redline became popular because of the ester base oil. This formulation enables you to have better mechanical and engine protection for a longer time.
  • Stable viscosity. The products of Redline have a high level of natural density index. Through this feature, rest assured that these products have less evaporation compared to other synthetic brands.


Like the recalibrating oil products, Redline oils also have disadvantages, such as:

  • Redline oil products are distributed worldwide at high costs. Their high-end manufacturing process is one of the reasons behind their price.
  • Short oil change intervals. Even though Redline products are great in lubricating engine parts, they are less durable. For this reason, you have to get an oil change faster compared to other brands.

Amsoil vs. Redline: What’s the Difference?

After taking a glimpse at the overview of Amsoil and Redline, you might think there is no difference between them. Remember, do not get overwhelmed with the similarities between Amsoil vs. Redline to know which is better.

Amsoil vs. Redline

To help you to sort your thoughts out, here is a deeper comparison of the two brands:

Oil Change Interval

One of the benefits of getting synthetic oil for your auto is it lasts longer compared to conventional oil. This factor can help you to save time and money as you have an extended change interval.

In this aspect, it is recommended for you to change your oil after a 25 000 miles ride using Amsoil. Meanwhile, if you have Redline products, you have to get an oil change after an 18 000 miles ride.

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Hence, Amsoil beats Redline in change intervals. Nevertheless, you need to note that they are better than conventional oils’ 7 500 miles ride recommendations.


Choosing synthetic oil over other types means you are willing to invest a larger amount of money. So, expect that both of these brands are a little bit pricey than the other products.

Although Amsoil and Redline are both costly, the Amsoil line of oil products is more expensive. But, you have to remember that these brands are worth your bucks and will last longer!

Total Base Number

Testing the total base number of motor oil is crucial to know which product has better corrosion protection. Remember, the engine oil that has a higher total base number is more effective in reducing corrosion.

Amsoil products have 13 total base numbers, while Redline has ten whole base numbers. For this reason, Amsoil can give you better engine protection against attrition.



When looking for the best oil, you should also check its viscosity. You should know the thickness of your potential motor oil under extremely hot or cold conditions.

In this feature, Amsoil has 3 700 cold crank viscosity. On the other hand, Redline has a thickness of 6 400 under cold temperature.

The oil that has a lower thickness value can perform better in freezing weather conditions. Hence, Amsoil can help you to start your engine easier in this scenario.


Engine oil that caters to less evaporation loss value during hot conditions is a better product. So, if you want to have long-lasting motor oil, check the volatility of the brands.

Amsoil scores 7.5 on the nock volatility test, which is inferior to the 9.5 scores of the Redline. Therefore, Redline has less weight loss when exposed to heat or air.

Thermo – Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation

As a reliable driver, you want to have motor oil with strong power against deposit protection. The oil with a low score in the Thermo-Oxidation simulation test has a lower deposit formation when heated.

In this regard, Amsoil scored 5, while the Redline has a score of 10 in oxidation. This test revealed that Amsoil is more efficient due to its lower deposit weights.

Redline Gear Oil vs. Amsoil Gear Oil

Comparing Amsoil vs. Redline gear oil is another factor to consider to know them better. This feature will also help you find the brand that will work best depending on your needs and purpose.

Take note; gear oil is a type of oil lubricant that will protect your engine and resist oil breakdowns.

What is Redline Gear Oil?

Redline gear oil is applicable to use for light trucks, passenger cars, and even racing cars. They added friction modifiers in this oil to reduce engine stress.

With the full ester synthetic formula of Redline, rest assured that their gear oil can provide long-lasting engine protection. Also, this formula can prevent the soil and dirt build-ups in your gear to have the best maintenance.

In addition, Redline products cause less friction in the surface to protect it from wearing and tearing. It also has an extended life because of its less evaporation characteristic.

Upon purchasing Redline gear oil, expect the following features:

  • High-quality detergents
  • Extreme resistance from oxidation
  • Natural viscosity index


  • It provides you better fuel economy
  • Assures you better performance while maintaining wear and tear protection
  • Extended engine protection
  • Maintains cleanliness with its less friction feature
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What is Amsoil Gear Oil?

Amsoil introduced premium gear oil in the market that can provide maximum performance. They manufactured these oils from a high-viscosity synthetic base combined with high-quality additives.

Additionally, it controls thermal runaway to avoid corrosion of the lubricant and metal components. For this reason, Amsoil gear oil can make your equipment work better and longer.

Moreover, it can provide a strong barrier layer on your gears’ surface because of the patented Amsoil additives. Hence, it offers superior protection against scoring, pitting, and wearing.

To go deeper, here are the features that Amsoil gear oil offers:

  • Excellent performance for gear and bearing protection
  • Protection in extreme temperatures
  • Applicable for heavy-duty driving cars


  • Provides 75% more engine protection
  • Prolong crucial engine components’ lifespan
  • Better dirt and debris cleaning
  • Extended oil change intervals
  • Quick engine start in cold temperature

Summary of the Key Features of Amsoil vs. Redline

Between Amsoil vs. Redline battle, you can see that they are both high-performing oil brands with their features. They are both using high-quality detergents and additives to improve the effectiveness of their lubricant products.

Additionally, expect better wear and tear protection of your engine from these brands. The use of their impressive technologies can enhance their products at the optimal level.

Nevertheless, Amsoil has a protection feature to protect your engine from extremely hot weather temperatures. Hence, it can resist breakdowns under high heat that serves you superior protection.

On the other hand, the edge of Redline is you can use them even in cars that perform heavy-duty rides. This feature enables you to maintain your vehicles with superior cleaning power at an affordable price.


Who makes Redline Oil?

Redline Synthetic Oil Corporation manufactures the Redline oils. This company is located in California, United States.

Additionally, they produce over 100 products that they distribute worldwide. However, do not get confused as this company is a part of Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation.

Does Redline Oil have zinc?

You can find safe zinc or phosphorus in Redline’s highly-engineered oil products. In line with this, Redline car racing oils use at least 2 200 ppm of zinc.

Remember, zinc is an essential factor in the oil product to fight the wearing of your engine components.

How long is Redline oil good for?

It is important to note that the longevity of oils depends on your driving conditions. So, you can get an oil change after a 7 500 miles ride if you are driving in many cities.

Meanwhile, it is recommended to change the oil if you meet the limit of 18 000 miles if you drive on the highway.

Final Verdict: Which is the Winner Between Amsoil and Redline?

The Amsoil vs. Redline debate is proof that companies developed oil products to satisfy the needs of modern models. Amsoil will provide you pricey premium products, while Redline offers you more affordable options. Remember, always check the label to know the right one for you.

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