How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Oil Leak?

An oil leak is considered one of the most common problems a car owner may face. It can be frustrating for car owners since it can be tough to find.

Hence, if you detect a puddle, stain, or blotch underneath your car, it’s time to visit your local mechanic to get the problem diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible.

Suppose the fluid is verified to be engine oil. Because engine oil is used to lubricate the pistons in your engine and ensure that they travel smoothly inside the housing, this may be a catastrophic scenario.

Indeed, you must resolve this problem. Many people, though, are concerned about the costs.

For this reason, here is all the information you need to know regarding your engine oil and how much does it cost you to fix an oil leak

Signs That Your Engine is Having an Oil Leak

How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Oil Leak?

When it comes to finding out if your engine is leaking oil, there are several situations when you’ll be able to detect right away. If you find dark spots collecting below your car every time you leave it parked for a lengthy period, you have an oil leak.

Oil normally spills slowly from a car, but if you leave it parked for long enough, it will begin to accumulate beneath it in just a few hours.

However, it isn’t the only way, despite how easy it is to detect an oil leak just by noticing oil gathering beneath your vehicle.

There a plenty of other indicators that you may have an oil leak on your hands; hence, are some signs to look for if there’s oil leaking from your engine:

  • Your engine is constantly overheating
  • When you start your car, you can smell oil burning
  • You notice smoke rising from beneath your car’s hood
  • Your dashboard’s oil light illuminates

If any of these events occur to your car, you may need to start thinking about the price of oil leakage repair.

What are the 4 Common Causes of Oil Leak?

In determining if there’s an oil leak from your engine, it is essential to know what caused this leak in the first place.

That being said, engine oil leaks are normally an effect of a faulty gasket or seal and damaged parts like a damaged oil pan.

The source of engine oil leakage in your car could be one or more of the following:

Worn-Out Oil Filter

The job of a vehicle oil filter is to extract pollutants out from the oil before they may harm your engine. Most of these perform as expected, but after a few thousand miles on the drive, they begin to disintegrate due to overuse.

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Hence, a damaged or worn-out filter is considered one of the principal reasons for an oil leakage under a car. Also, internal engine pressure could lead the oil filter to become loose or distorted, causing the filter failure, then oil will begin to spill.

Loose or Broken Filler Cap

When the oil tank’s filling cap gets loose or cracks, it may lead to oil leakage of your engine. It is often noticeable when this happens because oil puddles appear beneath your car or pool around the engine.

Broken Gasket

Gaskets are an important part of any automobile engine. They are in charge of transferring fluids like oil, coolant, and gas throughout the vehicle.

However, the gasket often wears down over time, causing the barriers they form to deteriorate. This often happens after a long time, usually after 100,000 miles.

Too Much Oil

Although there are serious reasons why an oil leak can happen, there are still some minor mistakes that can cause your engine to leak.

If you see oil pools beneath your car, but the engine oil indicator on the dashboard isn’t blinking, you may just have put oil excessively into the engine, causing an overflow. It’s also likely that while topping it up, you spilled little oil.

In either case, there’s no need for you to be concerned.

How Does Oil Repair Work?

No matter how normal it looks, it’s still important to have your engine checked when necessary, especially if there are signs of oil leakage.

Therefore, here are ways how oil repair works.

As a broken gasket or seal is the most common cause of an oil leak, the mechanic may easily remove this part and install a new one. Alternatively, they may use a sealant or adhesive to fix the break, depending on the damage.

However, if the problem has expanded to other vehicle components (for example, oil everywhere), more complicated steps are needed, such as in the video.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Oil Leak?

Pricing an oil leak depends on the model of your car and the damage. Hence, here is the list of the recent estimated price of oil leak repair.

Coverage and Standard prices

A leak diagnosis is required to know what caused your engine oil to trickle. As a result, this initial procedure can cost from $75 up to $135.

Yet, this would still not cover the necessary repairs.

Furthermore, if you hire a dealer or mechanic to complete the repairs, the diagnosis fee will often be added to the final bill. Also, the type of repair work required to address an oil leak will be determined by the essential nature of repair work.

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Thus, look at the table below to discover how much it would cost at a local dealer.

Oil Filter Installation Cost $20-$60
Oil Drain Plug Gasket $25-$35
Corroded Oil Cooler Line $90-$400
Damaged Hose Repairing $90-$400
New Gasket Cost $75-$200
Damaged Oil Pan Fixing $100-$400
Repairing Engine Piston $600
Average Repair Cost $150-$1500

But if you still insist on driving your car with oil leakage, you are up for several oil leak fixes. Not only that, but you may also be required to fix other parts of your car’s engine.

As a result, this would raise the total cost of your repair.

Engine Models and Average Oil Leak Repair Cost

As mentioned earlier, the repair cost can also depend on your car’s model. To know how much would your repair cost, here is a table of some engine models and the price of their respective oil leak repair costs.

Engine Models and Average Oil Leak Repair Cost

In all honesty, getting the exact amount of oil leakage on your engine can be difficult if the problems aren’t officially diagnosed. Thus, these prices are just estimates that vary on the engine model.

Is oil leak repair cost worth it?

If you take your automobile to a technician for an oil leak repair and they advise you that it will take $250 or even more than $1,000 to fix it, you may opt not to do the repairs.

You might also ask if the cost of repairing an oil leak is worthwhile, especially if you have a vehicle with an older model that isn’t worth much to begin with.

Although you may avoid certain car repairs, correcting an oil leak is not among them. If you have plans on driving your car for a long time, an oil leak repair is unquestionably worthwhile.

Tips to Save Money on Oil Leak Repair

If you don’t think it’s oil, never ignore a leak. Failure to take it to a specialist could often result in further problems, charging you far more than you’d have paid in the first place.

Most oil leaks are caused by a cracked engine gasket, an oil filter leakage, or a faulty linkage between components.

If you’re knowledgeable with car maintenance, go underneath the vehicle and assess the oil pan seals for damages. While you’re down there, check the timing cover seals and the valve cover gasket to make sure they’re both closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to repair an oil leak?

The workload will determine the whole repair process. Some might have simple issues.

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These issues will cost less and also take less time to be solved. You can expect these issues to be solved in an hour or two at most.

On the other hand, there are more complex issues. Sometimes oil leak causes damage to the inner parts of the engine. This might take five or six hours to fix.

Should you sell your car instead of repairing a costly oil leak?

Offering to sell your vehicle to a cash car buyer might be an excellent means of keeping it off the road while still getting a good rate.

These buyers pay you a premium price for the autos, including costly oil leak repairs. You can approach them to know more about how simple it is to sell a car for cash.

Does postponing oil leak repair create further damage?

Ignoring the oil leak problem surely results in other damages, depending on the nature of the leak and engine damage. Postponing it can create premature failure of different engine components.

How far can you drive with an oil leak?

While driving with an oil leak is dangerous, traveling less than 10 miles is less dangerous than driving with critically low engine oil levels.

In the meantime, avoid driving until you make an appointment for an oil leak diagnosis as soon as possible. Severe oil leaks can result in a loss of lubrication, causing engine components to seize and cause significant damage.

Every situation is not safe for you and other road users.

Why is my car leaking oil when parked?

Oil leaks can appear in various ways, but the great majority of leaks are caused by deteriorated engine gaskets, oil pan leaks, or faulty oil seals and connections when your car is parked.

To drain the old oil, loosen and remove the oil drain plug situated at the bottom of the oil pan.

Fix That Leak

Indeed, getting your engine oil checked whenever necessary is important. This is the most cost-effective method of car maintenance.

Consequently, as a car owner, you have to make sure you’re using the right type of engine oil by consulting your car’s manual. You’ll be surprised with how long your car’s engine will remain if it undergoes frequent oil and filter replacements.

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