Mevotech vs Moog: Suspension Systems Parts

When buying parts for our vehicle, we certainly want to get a good deal. But things that are too cheap or too good to be true maybe a trap for this scenario.

Most vehicle owners have the common view that purchasing a set of car parts by any brand will do; however, this is completely false. Choosing the right parts is just like choosing the best medicine for our body.

If we want to be sure that we are getting the right product, we need to be keen when buying auto parts. We need to check the credibility of the parts we are considering.

Mevotech and Moog are two stand-out brands when it comes to car parts, particularly in the suspensions area. Both brands offer the best control arms, wheel bearing, and ball joints.

Both companies have been in business for many years. They provide a variety of remarkable replacement parts for a multitude of vehicles.

Yet, some think that Mevotech is slightly better than Moog, and vice versa. But it all depends on the product group each offer.

Mevotech’s parts, according to their website, are engineered and manufactured in Canada. Yet, the designs are made in their North America Head office.

Moog on the other hand has manufacturing sites in 16 countries mostly from Asia, Europe, and the USA. These include mainly Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and the United States to name a few.

Let’s breakdown some products:

Mevotech vs Moog Control Arms and Ball Joint

Control Arms and Ball Joint

A Control Arm is a lateral swinging arm of a suspension that controls the camber of a wheel. A double-wishbone suspension consists of an upper and lower control arm. Some control arms have ball joints already installed, some don’t.

Mevotech Control Arms and Ball Joint

Mevotech’s control arms are designed to endure all kinds of driving, from smooth tracks to tough and rugged terrains. The materials used provide great resistance to degradation and corrosion caused by various debris.

Mevotech’s Control Arm

Mevotech’s Control Arm is made of premium, first-class ball joints, and sturdy polyurethane bushings to suit different kinds of driving and vehicles. The control arms are easy to grease for improved ball joint operation.

Further, their control arms are constructed to improve the wheel frames’ durability and lifespan. It also helps bring back the fresh, out of the factory feel on the suspensions.


  • The all-metal ball joints provide a tougher and solid feel
  • Lower and upper metal ball bearings allow better-quality movement on the ball and stud
  • Metal bearings come with grease fittings for easy greasing
  • The Black Oxide coating on ball joints prevents corrosion
  • Comes with a dependable and tough casing for the internal contact area of the control arm
  • The ball joint’s blue polyurethane boot prevents contaminants and moisture from affecting the contact site


  • The ball joint is not covered by a warranty
  • The durability of the boot’s material is questionable. Some customers noticed cracks on the blue boot after driving for under 50 miles.

Moog Control Arms and Ball Joint

Moog is a brand that many car owners prefer when it comes to high-quality suspension parts. They offer a diverse product in their control arm line.

Moog’s R-Series Control arm is one of the most reliable in the market. It’s a high-quality part, crafted to meet the demands of daily driving.

Moog’s R-Series Control arm

The ball joints on the control arm come with several design improvements, such as a new (patent pending) dust boot, enhanced forged casing, and a patent-pending gusher design.


  • Made up of high-quality material making the control arm strong and highly durable.
  • The lower joint comes with grease fittings.
  • Original Equipment style geometry on production for better alignment and fit.
  • Pre-assembled with ball joint and bushings.
  • Suitable for numerous foreign and domestic vehicles.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Comes with a bench testing guarantee and detailed inspection.
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  • Non-adjustable control arms
  • Sub-par packaging

Control arms offered by Moog come with a better warranty and improved bushings. Mevotech Control arms are as durable but less expensive

Both companies offer more than adequate solutions for everyday use. In the end, it is safe to say customers will be satisfied with any of the manufacturer’s control arms.

Mevotech vs Moog Wheel Bearings and Hub Assemblies

Wheel Bearings and Hub

Bearings may be generally defined as surfaces between which there is relative motion. The motion could be rotating motion or linear, but in either case, the bearing must allow the motion with a minimum of friction, as well as supporting any loads present.

Some front-wheel-drive vehicles have front wheel bearing and hub assemblies that are bolted to the steering knuckles. The bearings are lubricated and sealed, and the complete bearing and hub assembly are replaced as a unit.

Mevotech Wheel Bearings

Mevotech wheel bearings guarantee a perfect fit and problem-free operation. This is due to its design according to OEM specs.

Mevotech wheel bearings

Their hub assemblies fit perfectly. Pre-lubricated with high-quality grease, installation is as quick as possible within 15 minutes.

Both Mevotech’s wheel bearings and hub assemblies are covered with a one-year warranty.


  • Equipped with an ABS sensor that provides a flawless signal and reliable connection
  • Ready to install can be used right out of the box
  • Engineered to decrease vehicle wobble
  • Reduces vibration, thanks to a thick and strong integral raceway
  • Minimizes car’s noise and makes it run more smoothly
  • Comes pre-lubricated
  • Overall good quality and affordable price


  • Sensor lifespan is questionable

Moog Wheel Bearings

Moog wheel bearings and hub assemblies are treated with heat, safeguarding optimum hardness and depth to support larger load capacity. Both are designed to provide the vehicle with higher endurance, proper function and fit, maximum protection from various contamination, and driving safety.

Moog wheel bearings

With its high-quality steel treated with heat for increased hardness, users can enjoy a silent and smooth ride for thousands of miles. It is designed after OEM specs but offers a higher load capacity for extra durability.


  • All the elements perfectly match the vehicle specs
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • OEM-approved bearing design
  • Advanced wiring for a more stable ABS signal
  • Well-lubricated and ready to use
  • Covered with a protective coating against corrosion
  • Comes with high-quality ABS sensors


  • Some users claim that the product wears down under adverse conditions quickly
  • The price is a bit too high if you compare to the competitor’s product
  • Certain lengths of its internal ABS wires are exposed, an electrical tape needs to be placed on these exposed wires

Both companies produce decent wheel bearings and hub assemblies. They are pretty similar in terms of quality, so one can buy either brand and be satisfied.

Mevotech vs Moog Control Arms Bushings

Control Arms Bushings

Bushings made of rubber or polyurethane are used in different components of suspension systems such as control arms and strut rods. These absorb shocks and reduce noise entering the vehicle.

Control arm bushing (both on the upper and lower arms) allows upward and downward control arm movement and absorbs wheel impacts and vibrations. Worn control arm bushings affect wheel alignment angle.

Mevotech Control Arms Bushings

Mevotech bushings are manufactured for lengthy and effective operations. It offers bushings for the huge mainstream of modern cars brands.

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Mevotech Suspension Control Arm Bushing

Cheap but effective bushings are available for most vehicles. They are suitable for all weather conditions and lasts for thousands of miles, making them a good purchase for the car owner.


  • Perfect fit on vehicles
  • Availability for a variety of brands and models
  • Made of highly durable rubber
  • Price is very affordable


  • Wears out very quickly under extreme conditions

Moog Control Arms Bushings

Moog’s control arm bushings are made up of elastomer compounds without reground rubber fillers, ensuring prolonged durability. It minimizes vibrations and easily absorbs road bump shocks.

Their bushings reduce suspension noise and resist wear, salt, road grime, and oil. It is less likely to split, crack or undergo discoloration.

Moog Suspension Control Arm Bushing

Moog bushings are readily available for a wide variety of vehicles, making them likely to fit modern cars.


  • Manufactured with the use of high-quality bonding adhesive
  • Offers almost flawless vibration reduction
  • Holds up superbly even after 100,000 miles
  • As good as OEM parts, but much cheaper


  • Tends to wear out fast under extreme conditions
  • Some people claim that steering feels too stiff because of these bushings
  • Hard to install on some vehicles

Both of these manufacturers offer decent solutions in the same price category. Since the cost and quality are equal, it does not matter what company you favor.

Nevertheless, Moog bushings are easier to find in most online stores.

Mevotech vs Moog Tie Rod Ends

Tie Rod Ends

Tie Rod Ends connect steering linkages with steering knuckles. It can be joined directly to the steering rack.

Adjusting sleeves are provided to accommodate the variation in the length of the tie rods. This is essential for correct toe setting.

Mevotech Tie Rod Ends

Certain Tie Rod Ends from Mevotech offer cheap options for everyday use. It is protected with an anti-rust black oxide coating that prevents corrosion.

Mevotech Tie Rod Ends

These are greaseable, so they can be lubricated from time to time to ensure they will last longer. It can hold up for years without any issues.


  • Includes heavy-duty metal bearings
  • Really cheap
  • Covered with a 5-year (60,000 miles) limited warranty
  • The product is greaseable, which allows extending its lifespan
  • Ensures the same fit and functions as the Original Equipment equals


  • Adjustment is unavailable

Moog Tie Rod Ends

Moog tie rod ends offers inexpensive and durable parts for their full-sized truck. It has an anti-rust coating and cover plate for bearing surface protection.

Moog tie rod ends

This product of theirs is made up of durable metal compounds, making it fit perfectly the vehicle. The product uses the company’s advanced technologies to make the installation process as easy as possible.


  • One year warranty manufacturer coverage
  • Has a cover plate for the bearing surface protection
  • Have sockets installed for easy lubricating operations
  • Made in the United States
  • Employs metal gusher technology to improve durability
  • Available at a low price


  • Some buyers claim that it starts to look rusted after heavy usage

Even though the tie rod ends manufactured by Moog are good enough, Mevotech’s tie rod end products have more positive user reviews and a much better warranty.

Mevotech vs Moog Sway Bar Link

Sway Bar Link

Sway Bar Link or Stabilizer Links reduces body sway when a front-wheel strikes a road irregularity. The side roll of the front suspension is controlled by a steel stabilizer bar, which is mounted to the lower control arms and the frame with rubber bushings.

In European countries, it is called an anti-roll bar. One of its main purposes is to reduce body roll on corners.

Mevotech Sway Bar Link

Mevotech’s sway bar link kit is a reasonably priced substitute for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. It’s equipped with sturdy metal bearings and can be lubricated to prolong its lifespan.

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Mevotech Sway Bar Link Kit

Coated with anti-rust compounds, these stabilizer link stays as good as new even after months of use. The product comes with grease fittings for easy lubrication.


  • Prevents corrosion due to its black oxide coating
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Has detailed identical dimensions same with the OEM part
  • Comes with grease nipples
  • Utilizes the branded metal-to-metal technology for additional sturdiness


  • Nipple fittings are hard to install

Moog Sway Bar Link

Moog’s sway bar links are designed at surpassing the original counterparts. It will make the car’s ride smoother and predictable when driving on corners.

Moog Sway Bar Link Kit

Their sway bar links are traditional non-socket units that come with first-class bushings, coated washers, and a barrel lock for easy installation. All its metal bearings can be lubricated, making it more durable.


  • Bearings made of first-class metal
  • Comes with grease fittings for routine maintenance
  • Absorbs road shocks very well
  • It is much cheaper than the original part
  • Utilizes premium rubber for better performance


  • Joints easily dry up

Product testing shows that both products did not have any issues with them. Most people on online forums were also satisfied with their performance.

Performance-wise it’s a tie, it boils down to warranty offers. Moog offers only a 1-year warranty while Mevotech covers its sway bar links with a limited lifetime warranty.

Mevotech and Moog are outstanding brands in suspension and steering replacement parts. When looking at which is the best in this debate, there are several facets we will look at, like durability, affordability, and customer experience.

Mevotech seems to be affordable, though some experts have views that its goods are of a lower quality compared to Moog. Moog’s parts may be expensive, but the quality is impeccable.

Summing Up

Both companies are superb, but the overall arrangement is that Moog has a slight edge over Mevotech in quality and dependability.

On the other side, however, Moog is more expensive than Mevotech. In this context, Mevotech is often victorious when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

The two brands do not spare any effort in durability, and they have sturdy products in their catalog. Each brand has its high points, meaning that it’s a tie when looking at the best.

As for now, it is suggested that you pick the products according to the exact requirement of your vehicle, not based on the brands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When actually buying parts in a physical store, most people ask clerks what’s cheaper, where is it made, the part’s lifespan, and warranty. Read further to have an idea which is which.

On Pricing: Mevotech tends to be inexpensive, while Moog’s are usually higher priced.

On Manufacturing: Mevotech suspension parts are made in Canada, while Moog’s parts are manufactured across the globe.

On Durability: Mevotech parts tend to last short, while Moog’s parts tend to last longer. Both companies offer longevity, but the general observation is that Moog parts last longer than Mevotech .

However, the overall longevity of your suspension system relies upon the driving you do and the kind of roads you frequent.

On Warranty: Some Mevotech parts have a limited lifetime warranty, while some of Moog’s parts carry a three-year warranty.

On Do-It-Yourself Installation: Moog offers more user-friendliness than Mevotech, since its pre-mounts its units. Moog users will have access to all the hardware he needs for an effective and quick installation.

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