How to Get Rid Of Engine Oil Stains From Clothes (7 Easy Tips)

If you’re a mechanic, your uniform is probably covered in grease and oil stains that will eventually get on the fabric. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a quick fix, you can always try to remove them yourself.

Stubborn stains? No problem! These stains won’t break down with water alone, so you’ll have to try a little harder to get them out.

It takes a little effort to clean up your workwear. If you want to remove grease or oil stains from your clothes, try using a common household cleaner, like dish detergent, baking soda, or cornstarch.


Engine oil is one of the worst stains you can get on your clothes. It’s difficult to remove, but with these clean-up tips, it’ll be a breeze!

Here are some ways to remove oil and grease stains without buying an expensive stain remover!

The Classic: Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and Vinegar are tried and true cleansers that you use to clean your clothes. Here’s what you need to get rid of those pesky grease stains.


  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Scraping tool
  • Warm water
  • Towel


  1. Lay your clothes flat.
  2. Place a towel under the stain.
  3. Sprinkle the cleanser you pick on top of the grease.
  4. Let the baking soda or vinegar sit for about ten minutes while watching it change color as it soaks up the stain.
  5. Scrape off your choice of cleanser.
  6. Wash clothing with hot water.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 until the cleanser does not change color.

Use Cornstarch Or Baby Powder

Cornstarch Or Baby Powder

If you’re looking for a cleanser to get rid of grease stains quickly, try cornstarch or baby powder, it helps remove the stain soon by absorbing it. Let’s go over how to do it:


  • Paper towel or Automotive towel
  • Cornstarch
  • Baby powder
  • Grease-fighting dish detergent
  • Toothbrush


  1. Put a little cornstarch or baby powder on the stain.
  2. Let it sit for at least fifteen minutes, but up to an hour or more.
  3. Brush off the cornstarch using a toothbrush, paper towel, and automotive towel. You could also leave it on the garment before washing.
  4. Wash the garment according to its label in a washing machine, then dry it after.
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Stain Blotting


Stain blotting means absorbing the stain. For this, you will want to use a clean, dry cloth. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a fresh-looking shirt! Blotting immediately after a spill or stain has occurred is the best way to combat stains.

Here are what you need for this:


  • Cloth
  • Napkin
  • Tissue paper


  1. Blot by placing the towel over the stain.
  2. Fold your towel in quarters.
  3. Flip over the towel to help it absorb the stain.
  4. Continue blotting until the stain is fully absorbed.



If you have a shirt stained by engine oil or any other stubborn stains, this is the best method for getting rid of them.

Pre-Soaking might be your answer! It allows the detergent to bond with the oil stain and easily gets rid of it.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Hot water
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Toothbrush


  1. Prepare about a gallon of hot water in the sink.
  2. Add one-half of laundry detergent to the hot water.
  3. Use the toothbrush to rub a little laundry detergent into the stain.
  4. Put the stained clothing in the sink for about two to three hours. This will break down the oil.
  5. Wash the stained clothing according to its label in the washing machine, then dry it.

Using A Dish Liquid Cleaner

Dish Liquid Cleaner

Surely, you have something to wash your dishes, right? Dish Liquid is great at getting through grease on plates, just like it does on your clothes.

It’s also easy to acquire since it’s a household item. It will get the oil stains out of your clothes in a few easy steps.

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  • Dish Liquid Cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Cloth


  1. Drop a little dishwashing liquid to the stain, and let it sink in.
  2. Rub gently with your fingers, cloth, or a toothbrush to help work it in.
  3. Let the dishwashing liquid soak in for about five minutes.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Do you have Aloe Vera Gel laying around? It can help remove engine oil stains because its amino acids react with oil, making it easier to remove oil stains from your clothes.

Aloe Vera Gel may also work for other types of stain, as well.


  • One tablespoon of aloe vera
  • Toothbrush


  1. Rub the aloe vera gel on the engine stain.
  2. Gently scrub the aloe vera gel using a toothbrush.
  3. Soak for an hour before washing with warm or hot water.

Super Way: Use WD40 Degreaser or Mechanics Soap

WD40 Degreaser

If you need to get engine oil out of clothes, WD 40 can help. It is specifically designed to break down the molecular bonds on adhesives. Perfect for getting rid of those pesky stains ruining your outfit!

Let’s see what you need:


  • One tablespoon of WD40
  • Q-tip
  • Toothbrush


  1. For cleaning delicate fabric, use a Q-tip to apply WD40 to the stain.
  2. For cleaning sturdier fabric, pour one tablespoon of WD40 into the stain.
  3. Let WD40 sink into the stain for a few hours.
  4. Rub in dish liquid washing soap with your thumb.
  5. Put it in the washing machine to wash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will Motor Oil Come Out Of Clothes?

Yes, the sooner you act, the better your chances are of removing the stain.

If you’re a garage owner or mechanic, some of the motor oil you use may likely end up on your work clothes. So acting upon immediately will surely help for motor oils to come out of your clothes.

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Can you remove an oil stain after it dried?

Yes, it may still be possible for you to remove an oil stain after it dried. But according to Laura Goodman, the senior scientist at Procter & Gamble, it will be much harder to remove oil stains if you don’t act fast. So, don’t wait too long. Get rid of it as soon as you can.

How to Get Rid Of Engine Oil Stains From Clothes

How to Get Grease Out of Cotton Clothing?

The best way to remove a grease stain on cotton is to use a heavy-duty liquid detergent, pretreatment spray, or a thin paste made from powdered detergent and water.

You can remove grease stains with a little elbow grease and a few minutes of patience. Gently work the stain with your finger, and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it’s removed, wash the garment as usual and air-dry.


By now, you should know that engine oil can be difficult to remove from clothing if not properly done or when you take too long. It’s not always easy to avoid getting grease on you, but, thankfully, there are many ways for you to remove the oil stain before it sets in too deep.

The methods shown here may be more effective when done in combination with the other methods. So, always remember to act fast!

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