Royal Purple Oil vs Mobil 1: Synthetic Engine Oil Comparison

Engine performance is directly affected by your engine oil. Hence, the oil market can be highly competitive in delivering the best product performance possible.

However, in the sea of oil brands and products, what do you need? And how sure are you that this is a good choice?

But first, let us define the basic science of engine oil. The first step to diagnosing your engine oil is knowing what it is.

According to ScienceDirect, “synthetic oils are a man-made fluid with scientifically designed molecules. Thus, used in hydraulic drives and electromechanical drives.”

Royal Purple Oil vs Mobil 1

In simple terms, it’s a semi-synthetic oil that is oil-based on chemicals. But the world of synthetic engines isn’t all about synthetic oil.

Your engine will run smoother with synthetic and poly engine oil. However, you must ensure that you have the best quality.

Here in this article, we’ll find out the difference between Royal Purple Oil vs. Mobil 1.

What is Royal Purple Synthetic Oil?

With high-quality viscosity, Royal Purple has more lubricating ability than traditional synthetic oils. Royal Purple Synthetic Oil is typically a better option.

Why? Because it provides superior protection to your vehicle’s engine without sacrificing performance. Its high-quality viscosity reduces moisture and oxidation in the oil.

Furthermore, it prevents mineral buildup on transmission components. Royal Purple is formulated to protect over 5000 parts.

These parts include your transmission, radiator, engine, front-end, coolant reservoir, and brake components. Royal Purple Oil makes sure your ride will stay looking new for longer.

Below is one of the top products under the Royal Purple. See how this 5W-30 compares to its counterpart:

Royal Purple SAE 5W-30 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple SAE 5W-30 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil is the first SAE 5W-30 with ECOG 3 cap.

It is based on the same innovation as New Process Synthetic 5W-30 High-Performance Engine Oil. However, specifications increase the demand for engine oils meeting OEM standards.

The high-performance synthetic is tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The SAE 5W-30 delivers superior engine protection with high-temperature stability.

Additionally, it has greater wear and abrasion resistance and long-chain oil pump life. It also comes with biodegradable additives that help extend your engine’s life.


We have become quite familiar with Royal Purple, but let us find out its pros:

  • Superior performance. It’s specifically formulated to improve motor oil consumption. The antiwear level is minimum for this type of engine oil.
  • Protection. It coats against corrosion, which covers the engine and the components that use the oil. It provides exceptional protection and performance, cutting both under-hood contamination and wear, but without sacrificing power or mileage.
  • Flexibility. Highly flexible to meet many engine conditions. Additionally, it improves the smooth running of internal combustion engines.
  • High lubricity.Ideal for use in performance engines, especially in cars and diesel engines. It keeps emissions at bay.
  • Absorption. Absorbs better than mineral oils. Also, it reduces internal deposits, and therefore, increases the life of the engine.
  • Starter. Suitable for cold starts, gear changes, and idling. When there are both spark and injection, the antiwear level is considered to be higher.
  • Better penetration. It can penetrate oil-borne corrosion more effectively.
  • Power starter. Allows your engine to produce greater power for the same fuel. With an excellent coefficient of friction, it cuts oil consumption and improves engine performance.


Despite the numerous advantages, it still has its fair share of downsides:

  • Price. Highly more expensive than other oil brands. It is used by high-powered vehicles, thus the price disadvantage.
  • Leakage. Containers may leak since it is used by heavy-duty diesel vehicles.
  • Performance. Some don’t notice any difference in performance by using this synthetic oil. It is because other brands may offer almost the same benefits.
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What is Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil?

Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil offers maximum protection to all high-performance oils. What does it provide?

Blue-chip synthetic motor oil products are provided by one of the leading manufacturers. What does it not provide?

Fast-acting performance and protection. Due to oil that’s chemically different, it may take longer for performance benefits to occur.

The true additives used are longer lasting than conventional products. This allows oil to get to optimum temperature more easily.

The typical viscosity is the same. One of the benefits that come with this oil is extended heat protection.

We used to see the “oil getting thick” message every time we used the car. Now we can use our vehicle for a much longer time with extreme heat protection.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection 5W-30

Mobil 1 Annual Protection is a popular oil and gear booster. It protects your vehicle’s engine oil from wear and tear from normal driving and seasonal temperatures.

The premium lubricant works for a lot of demanding applications. It includes small engines in off-road vehicles, diesel powertrains, and more.

However, it’s not exactly the best choice for newer models. That’s because its synthetic formula does not have the optimum viscosity when it comes to breaking down road-weary pollutants.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection 5W-30 is unique because of its exceptional level of performance and design. It can be used in two high-performance engine oils.

It has a silica composition, which does not compromise durability. Unlike most motor oil brands, Mobil 1 uses synthetic motor oil to provide its product line.

And with hundreds of thousands of fans in the USA alone, Mobil 1 aims to provide a comprehensive engine protection solution.


Let us review the advantages of mobile 1:

  • Improved flow. Increase the amount of oil your engine can consume. It’s light viscosity, best-in-class resistance to stiction, shearing, roughness and water for ultimate performance with proper use and constant maintenance.
  • Compatibility. It can be used to pump the oil in any vehicle. Hence, it is perfect for vehicles with standard manual or automatic transmissions as they don’t require an oil filter.
  • Flexibility. Compatible with virtually all automotive systems. It is an adaptable oil booster that ensures maximum efficiency.
  • Durability. Tested for its strength and workability. It reduces harmful emissions and increases the mileage for superior performance.
  • Non-flammable. High resistance to heat. Non-combustible so it reduces the risk of spark plug fires and other types of combustion by-products.
  • Protection. Designed to protect your engine’s engine’s oil without affecting its ability to operate properly. It provides exceptional protection and performance, cutting both under-hood contamination and wear, but without sacrificing power or mileage.


Consequently, Mobil 1 is not perfect. Here are its disadvantages:

  • You have to buy a separate extended performance filter. This is because it has lesser protection from contaminants and has restricted airflow.
  • Improvements. Mobil 1 believes in the power of its oil. Consequently, it has no improvement on MPG.
  • Not ideal for both diesel and gasoline. You’re not getting the benefits that come with using a premium diesel because its goal is to protect the engine. Less combustion means better protection.
  • High-powered engine compatibility. It can’t be used on aviation engines. This engine oil is usually used by lightweight cars as it promotes reduction in oil consumption.

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 Performance Comparison

In essence, the differentiating factor between Royal Purple Oil and Mobil 1 is their functions in improving car engine performance. So, what exactly is it?

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Regular motor oils have very low viscosity. This lowers its ability to do damage to the internal parts of the engine.

Oil with a higher viscosity, like Royal Purple, can provide oil-based lubrication to the engine parts.

Cation Exchange Capacity Royal Purple Oil has a very high cation exchange capacity. It increases the amount of oil and fuel that can be removed from the engine during the combustion process.

Change Oil Interval

Mobil recommends oil change intervals for normal driving at 15000 miles, while Royal Purple recommends 12000 miles. For both products, this is about a period of one year.

Many oil manufacturers recommend changing engine oil every 5000-7500miles. Synthetic oils are, however, enhanced to even last up to a year without an oil change.

Most manufacturers categorize driving habits into normal and severe and include oil change intervals in the car manual. Because the frequency of changing oils relates to the amount of money spent on oil changes, Mobil 1 is a better product.

Cost Efficiency

Royal Purple Oil is cost-efficient than Mobil 1. Royal Purple Oil can help you get a better return on your investment, thus increasing your revenue margin.

One has to spend more money on lubricants that have a higher rate of efficiency than 1-liter. Customers can feel more comfortable buying Royal Purple Oil as a renowned brand like ExxonMobil endorses it.


Royal Purple Oil improves the performance of the car engine by working in synergy with various working components. These components are hydrocarbons which are used in the fuel for burning.

It helps in burning these hydrocarbons with great efficiency. Additionally, it prevents overheating the combustion chamber, which contributes to the rapid destruction of the engine.

Mobil 1 is similar to Royal Purple Oil as it also improves the performance of the car engine. But, the difference is that Mobil 1 is a hydrocarbon without oxygen which gives it a better environment to expand.

Due to this reason, Mobil 1 doesn’t require the presence of oxygen to work effectively.

Cold-Cranking Viscosity

First of all, cold-cranking viscosity refers to how slippery the oil is. The higher the temperature of the engine, the higher the viscosity of the oil will be.

Mobil 1 oil is one of the highest viscosity oils, a necessary attribute for high-performance engines. The oil should be slightly lower than Royal Purple Oil but still much higher than standard vehicles.

The advantage of using Mobil 1 is that the engine lubricant works smoothly while the cars are running. It is also durable as it doesn’t have any additional harmful properties like other engine oils.

The cold-cranking viscosity works properly in cold temperatures and does not go into a problem condition.


Each type of oil designed for different reasons has its additives that enhance or regulate the function of the oil. Formaldehyde is an organic compound produced when the engine’s exhaust gas comes in contact with the motor oil.

Formaldehyde is an essential constituent to improve the viscosity of the motor oil. Polyisobutene is a chemical compound that enhances the life of the engine’s components.

In other words, polyisobutene helps to make the oil rigid and resistant to corrosion. It also makes the oil so flexible and resistant that it doesn’t absorb any air when the engine is working.

Comparison Verdict: Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Engine Oil

Here’s what you need to consider: the quality of a car’s engine oil is imperative to overall engine performance.

You need synthetic engine oil to keep up with the engine’s engine. With high performance, it means you can drive long distances without getting your car stalled.

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With Royal Purple, you are spoilt for choice. The choice in the market is so huge that we thought of starting with the first brand on our list.

Mobil 1 Oil, on the other hand, comes in a wider range of ratings for you to choose from. It gives you flexibility so you won’t cut short on options.

We would suggest you go for Mobil 1 if you drive heavier vehicles like cars and SUVs. It is because it offers more protection to your car.

Mobil 1 is also easier on your engine, so it comes with the assurance of better performance and better mileage.

If you have small cars or compact SUVs, you can opt for Royal Purple. For this reason, it offers better protection but is just as good on your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Royal Purple Good For Daily Driving?

Royal Purple is designed to be a good choice for daily driving, light off-road activities, and racing. It is petroleum-free with bio-ethanol.

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil is likely the closest oil to a natural oil that most car owners use. These oil units are designed to minimize wear on the engines and maximize the life of the engine components.

Does Royal Purple Oil Clean The Engine?

Royal Purple Oil features a lubricating dual-stage oil system that protects the engine and oil pan against wear and tear.

Royal Purple Oil’s oil features a revolutionary dual-stage oil system. It seals the tightest possible compartment with a superior oil reservoir and lubricant.

Also, it closes all other gaps between the oil and all of the engine parts.

Is Mobil 1 Made In The USA?

Every two months, it is a done deal that Mobil 1 is hitting the store shelves here in the USA.

But do you know that its construction is made in one of the largest Mobil oil refinery facilities? The Mobil refinery plant is located in Fontana, California, in the southern part of Los Angeles.

Is Royal Purple Good For Older Engines?

Royal Purple meets API Service SL warranty requirements for gasoline engines. The polishing characteristics of the oil smooths out the cylinder walls and bearing surfaces of the machine.

The film strength of the oil helps increase fuel mileage. Moreover, it keeps the engine cleaner resulting in reduced emissions, a big benefit to older cars.

Thus, Royal Purple will breathe new life into older engines.

Which should you choose?

Do not think of buying the best and cheapest engine oil. Instead, you should think about getting the right type of product with appropriate viscosity and quality.

One of the factors to look for is the chain of distribution and the company they are sold to. Additionally, you must use the right product to maximize the performance of your vehicle.

However, like any product, the oil will come with its own set of pros and cons. Be sure to read a few reviews and test the product in the recommended level of service before purchasing.

So this wraps the battle between Royal Purple Oil vs. Mobil 1. Be sure to read a few reviews and test the product in the recommended level of service before purchasing.

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